Landscape artist Jayne Schelden has practiced fine art oil painting since 1990.

Schelden finds subjects for her canvas while hiking and exploring areas of interest to her.

She begins her creative process by taking a photograph. Then she renders them in intense and striking colors. She uses color to convey the power, wonder and beauty of the area. From the initial photograph to the finished art piece, Schelden’s work is her own.

“From start to finish, I create my own art,” she said. “My favorite birthday gift growing up was a set of finger paints – red, green, blue and yellow. I still remember how much I loved the paints – and the possibilities! My mom, who is known for throwing out everything, saved my cherished little painting smock from kindergarten. Art still means to me what it did as a child. It means I’m in control. I’m in charge of whatever goes onto each canvas. I get a thrill from planning, designing and executing my ideas and seeing them materialize. I love the various textures and transparencies of oil paints. I have been in love with colors my whole life: how colors react and play off one another, how colors recede or pop. I still love the possibilities!”

Schelden was born in Beaumont, California and has had a lifelong love of nature and color.

She is inspired by early California landscape artists such as Maurice Braun, William Wendt, Granville Redmond.

Jayne‘s subject matter has included animals, landscapes and still life.